Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quinoa + Rice

As Asians are generally quite unfamiliar with this wonderful complete-protein (it has all 9 essential amino acids that body needs) whole grain called quinoa (pronounced as "keen-wah") and reluctant to replace their must-have rice with this nutritious grain, it helps to mix both together to get the best of both worlds- the taste of rice with the nutrition of quinoa - protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. In addition, the mixture actually lowers the GI (glycemix index) of the meal, which is beneficial for your body's blood sugar level. Your cooked rice will have a slightly crunchy texture due to the quinoa -  almost unnoticeable in fact - plus a slight nutty aroma.
After soaking the quinoa for a few hours or rinsing it well, cook the rice together with quinoa in a rice cooker, the usual way you cook rice i.e. combine one part of quinoa/rice with two parts water. Here is how it looks like when cooked. Mix quinoa with black/brown rice for even more nutrition and fibre.

White rice cooked with quinoa

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